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A smart swing trader knows that he or she must find a brokerage that charges very low trading fees or no commissions at all in order to maximize profits while trading stocks online. This is especially true for the wee investor who can't afford to buy enough of a stock to even justify the fee in the end.

Budget swing traders are also wise to recognize the importance of fractional share trading -- that is, buying stocks by the dollar amount rather than by the number of shares (i.e., $350 = 6.783912 shares). This "dollar cost averaging" strategy holds that you buy more stock when prices are low, and less stock when market prices are high. In the long run, this leads to much larger profits.

Concerning trading fees alone, the online stock brokerage Sogotrade offers very low fees. Unfortunately, they no longer offer fractional share trading, which small time investors must employ to overcome the trading fee handicap.

Truthfully, there is no online brokerage in existence that offers both fractional share trading and unlimited free stock trading for real-time execution market orders. The only one that comes close is a stock trading firm called Folio Investing.

Folio Investing offers both unlimited free stock trades and the ability to buy fractional shares. However, you have to trade via their window trading system, which processes orders twice daily instead of immediately when they're received. This means you may not necessarily get (or sell) the stock for its quoted price. Of course, real-time executions are also available for a small fee.

Many online brokerages also offer limited free online stock trades. Stock traders should review these brokerages as well, examining their terms and rates in toto.

In conclusion, as competitive as stock trading brokerages have become, your best investment is one of time when it comes to choosing an online discount broker.

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